You could say that blueberry muffins are good for the soul, and you would be right. I would also add that baking said muffins is good for the soul too. The oven warms the whole house, and soon the aroma of butter, berries, and love fills the room.

Photo: Sammy Faze Photography

Photo: Sammy Faze Photography

My mother taught me to bake — how to measure and weigh ingredients — long before I learned to bartend. I thank her, and my father for that bit of OCD that I was raised with. 

Though we are living in different countries now, baking always reminds me of time with Mom in the kitchen, when I was barely tall enough to reach the counter. She was so patient with me, and I constantly look back to moments with her to remind me of how I want to be. 

Patience is a virtue, as they say, and it takes patience to be patient. Just working that out in my mind is taking some patience right now. Although, the one thing no one said, is that it would be easy, right?